Speakers of August 7th, 2011
27th Annual SW VA Pediatrics Conference - 13960
8/6/2011 - Martha Washington Inn
Individual Speaker Evaluations: Please comment on 'EFFECTIVENESS' of the speakers and their presentations
Robert Clemmons, M.D.: 'Update in Dermatology-Let's Get Sun Safe!'
James Thompson, M.D.: 'Update on Craniosynostosis and Deformational Plagiocephaly'
Jeffrey Carlsen, M.D.: 'Direct Ophthalmoscopy- How to Use One of the Most Powerful Instruments in Your Office'
Mark Howell, M.D.: 'Current Philosophy and Accurate Diagnosis of Pediatric Rhinitis, URTI and Paranasal Sinus Infection'
Jennifer Correll, Ph.D.: 'I Am Not Listening!-Assessment and Treatment of Oppositional/Disruptive Behavior in Primary Care'
Darshan Shaw, M.D.: 'What's Up With Spit Up?'
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